I am a computer scientist with a background in machine learning, computational intelligence, self-organising multi-agent systems, and the overlapping domain of natural computation. Most of my published research can be found on Google Scholar.


After a Computer Science and Engineering degree in India, I moved to the UK, where I received a Masters in Natural Computation, and a PhD in Computer Science, both from the School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham, under the supervision of Prof. Xin Yao. My PhD was part of a larger EPSRC project called Market Based Control of Complex Computational Systems.

I have further worked as a researcher (research associate/post-doc) on the following projects in the past:


My academic run was followed by an exciting stint at Studix, a startup/team building technology to tackle systemic problems with education that inhibit learning and teaching. Driving the AI effort at Studix was my main task.

Cigar crunching industrialist

The researcher in me drove me half way back to doing AI research at Telenor Research, where I now work as a Senior Research Scientist, with a responsibility of both applying and advancing AI methods. Some of my activities involve working with academic colleagues and students via the Norwegian Open AI Lab. On occassion, I do guest lectures on AI topics, specifically reinforcement learning, which is the focus of much of my current research. Additionally, I advise a handful of startups based in Oslo Science Park.